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Mjötviður til fóta

Mjötviður til fóta - Þeyr

Mjötviður til fóta


Format MP3 320

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The legendary group Theyr contained two future Kukl/Sugarcubes members and were the thinking man's favorite group in Iceland between 1980-1983. Their fame also travelled to the UK where they were loved by John Peel and members of The Killing Joke and The Cure. Musicly they were very original and spe... More
Track nameArtistLengthPrice
Play track Maggasýn Þeyr3:16Upplýsingar$0.99
Play track Bás 12 Þeyr3:48Upplýsingar$0.99
Play track Tedrukkinn Þeyr3:27Upplýsingar$0.99
Play track Þeir Þeyr3:38$0.99
Play track Úlfur Þeyr2:54$0.99
Play track Ópið Þeyr2:58$0.99
Play track Iss Þeyr3:13$0.99
Play track Ónefnt Þeyr2:54$0.99
Play track Það er nóg Þeyr2:23$0.99
Play track Current Þeyr3:24$0.99
Play track Rúdolf Þeyr2:53Upplýsingar$0.99
Play track Mjötviður Þeyr2:51$0.99

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