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Sól að morgni

Sól að morgni - Bubbi Morthens

Sól að morgni

Bubbi Morthens

Format MP3 320

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The album is called 'Sól að morgni' (Sun in the Morning) and it is his sweetest album to date. On the record Bubbi sings about life, the wife, his children, nature and people around him. Everything is on the bright side without the politik that Bubbi has been critisized for...
Track nameArtistLengthPrice
Play track Við Gróttu Bubbi Morthens4:52Upplýsingar$0.99
Play track Guð er kona Bubbi Morthens3:19Upplýsingar$0.99
Play track Klettur í hafi Bubbi Morthens4:29Upplýsingar$0.99
Play track Við tveir Bubbi Morthens2:57Upplýsingar$0.99
Play track Hún sefur Bubbi Morthens3:41Upplýsingar$0.99
Play track Fyrir löngu síðan Bubbi Morthens5:27Upplýsingar$0.99
Play track Hvað kemur mér það við Bubbi Morthens5:06Upplýsingar$0.99
Play track Þar sem gemsarnir aldrei þagna Bubbi Morthens5:17Upplýsingar$0.99
Play track Þá verður gaman að lifa Bubbi Morthens4:14Upplýsingar$0.99
Play track Elliðaárþula Bubbi Morthens4:35Upplýsingar$0.99
Play track Skjól hjá mér þú átt Bubbi Morthens3:25Upplýsingar$0.99
Play track Kveðja Bubbi Morthens4:58Upplýsingar$0.99

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