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Lights on the highway

Lights on the highway

Lights on the highway

It began in August 2003 when Kristófer (Vocals) and Agnar (Guitar & vocals), who had known each other for quite some time, decided to record a few songs together. They recorded four tracks in three sessions. Shortly after bass player Karl joined in, and the trio decided to start a new band with the project name Lights on the Highway.

After rehearsing and writing more songs as an acoustic trio, they started playing small bars around Reykjavik. Following an intense search for a drummer, Þórhallur was recruited in late July 2004. So, the four-piece band hooked up their amps and started to develop a new sound.

As the band and sound grew, so did the audience and shows. Only 3 months into this new phase Lights on the Highway were voted the Best Emerging Band in Iceland. They had also been invited to play at the Iceland Airwaves Festival - as a rite of passage.

By the end of November 2004 they had enjoyed their first international show at London´s Astoria and were generating both Icelandic and English press and industry interest.

In January 2005 they started recording their debut album, and gained a new member in the process. Gunnlaugur (Guitar), who had been a close friend of the band for some time, completed the band´s formation and marked entry into a new phase.

With their debut self-titled album coming out on Dennis Records in July ´05 they have already had two radio singles, Said Too Much & Jameson´s State, do well on the Icelandic X-FM chart, so the road ahead seems to be well lit. The band has plans for a UK tour in the coming fall and have been invited to play the Iceland Airwaves festival again this year. The future is bright but they don´t wear shades.

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