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Daysleeper's existence has been fraught with turmoil, but the band has emerged stronger than ever. It's composed of four very different individuals, each one bringing his own unique touch to the band.

SVERRIR BERGMANN: The loner and poet, his passion for singing is rivalled only by his hiking obsession. This has occasionally landed the band in trouble, with gig delays caused by Sverrir being lost somewhere on a nearby mountain, but his nightingale voice has always managed to calm the crowds. When not touring with Daysleeper, Sverrir can be found on some desolate peak or other, his soulful crooning echoing through the night over the vast tundra, with the sheep in the distance bleating their harmonic echoes.

JÓN SVANUR: The eternal student. Jón's thirst for knowledge knows no bounds. When not gigging for Daysleeper or inventing new prime numbers, you'll find him cooped up in some dusty attic, poring over book after book. Jón has already completed twenty bachelor degrees at the University of Iceland and was making headway through an Animal Husbandry course when they caught him at it and made him stop.

HELGI SVAVAR: The spiritual journeyman. Helgi is on a never-ending quest for illumination through the perfect beat, which has lead to periodic leaves of absence from the band while he traipsed off in search of some distant rhythm. This includes a short trip to the deeps of Africa where he learned how to play the elephant-skinned bongos, and a stint in Sweden as a member of a bodydrumming band in a nudist colony. Helgi particularly enjoys seeking transcendence through various esoteric martial arts, claiming that there is no greater way to open someone's mind than to dropkick him in the head. He has even created his own, Ice-Fu, based in part on traditional Icelandic weapons and fighting techniques. His hurled cods are the terror of the night.

"V": Daysleeper's elusive mastermind. It has been hinted that he may not even be human, but an ethereal presence that has etched its existence onto our collective psyche. V appears in our dreams and is a muse to countless artists. He's been the subject of comics ("V for Vendetta"), a cult 80's TV series ("V: The Invasion") and a stream of movies ("Rocky V", for example). Unfortunately, those most open for the presence of V's alien mind have gradually gone insane, their creative output mutating into their own personal visions of terror. This is most apparent in the movies, where V has lead spiritually broken people to create such milestones of Hell as A Nightmare on Elm Street V, Halloween V, Friday the 13th V, and even, God help us, Police Academy V.

Daysleeper has proven remarkably resistant to V's backbreaking influence, and it is to be hoped that they can continue their incredible output - begun with the EveAlice CD - for years to come.

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