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Sería II by Skúli Sverrisson is out now

Sería II is the second installment in a series of releases from the versatile Icelandic musician Skúli Sverrisson. For the last two decades Skúli has approached his music with an open mind and collaborated with a number of well known artists, from a diverse background of musical genres.

The idea behind Sería is to mirror and reflect Skúli's sense of musical freedom and to create a playground for his fellow musicians. Sería I was released by 12 Tónar in 2006 and was chosen the alternative album of the year in the Icelandic Music Awards.

On Sería II Skúli has called on some great musicians: Amedeo Pace, Ólöf Arnalds, Hildur Guðnadóttir, Eyvind Kang, Anthony Burr, Óskar Guðjónsson, Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttir and Davíð Þór Jónsson. The music was specifically written with these musicians in mind and to be performed on viola, cello, clarinet, organ, harp, celeste, piano, bass, guitar, dobro, plus voices. Sería II was mostly recorded in the Sundlaugin in Mosfellsbær by Birgir Þór Jónsson, but also in New York, New Orleans and Berlin.

Skúli has been living in the US for a long time and his music has taken him to all corners of the world. He has performed on well over 100 albums, including releases from his long time collaborator Laurie Anderson, and also Lou Reed, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Blonde Redhead and David Sylvian.

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Free mp3: Paris je t'aime by BB&Blake

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HOT SPRING: Stream the album for free

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Iceland Airwaves

Iceland Airwaves The annual Iceland Airwaves music festival will be held for the 12th time between October 13th and October 17th 2010. Here you can see which bands you can find on Icelandicmusic.com and what we recommend. Nánar


Icelandicmusic.com on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

Icelandicmusic.com on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch Icelandicmusic.com has published an application for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. Subscribers can now stream music and their playlists from Icelandicmusic.com through their iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone.... Nánar


Moses Hightower release Búum til börn

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Iceland's entry in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest

Iceland's entry in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest The final version of Je Ne Sais Quoi is out, Iceland's contribution to the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest. The song, performed by Hera Bjork, has changed since it was first performed... Nánar


New tracks from Lay Low

New tracks from Lay Low Two new tracks by Lay Low are on the soundtrack for the Icelandic film Kóngavegur (Kingsroad) which are now available here on Icelandicmusic.com... Nánar


Last Boy - Time To Let Go

Last Boy - Time To Let Go Birgir Ísleifur Gunnarssom has released a new track, entitled Time To Let Go. This is his first release as Last Boy but Birgir is best known in Iceland for his work with the electro-pop band...


New release by Hudson Wayne

New release by Hudson Wayne Hudson Wayne have released a new album entitled How Quick Is Your Fish? Five years have gone by since their last release, The Battle of the Bandidos, which was well recieved by critics and the public... Nánar


New track from Nýdönsk

New track from Nýdönsk The legendary icelandic group, Nýdönsk, has released a new song which is featured in the musical Gauragangur. The track is called Vertu með... Nánar


New Releases by Thin Jim

New Releases by Thin Jim The musical project, Thin Jim, has released two new songs, The Tollkeeper and Little Boys.  Thin Jim is not thought to be a band in the usual term of the word... Nánar


Sometime release a new single

Sometime release a new single Sometime have released their first single of 2010. The track entitled Optimal Ending is taken from their debut album Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. The  single features 4 remixes Nánar


Free Remix with Haffi Haff

Free Remix with Haffi Haff Frigore recently released a special Club Remix of the song Jealousy with Haffi Haff. The new version has already gained a lot of popularity in clubs and... Nánar


Free download: Mammút - Geimþrá (remix)

Free download: Mammút - Geimþrá (remix) A brand new remix of the song Geimþrá by Mammút has been released. The song was remixed by Red Lights production. A new version of the album Karkari has been released... Nánar


Yohanna's, Is it true, to the final

Yohanna's, Is it true, to the final Yohanna did a great job in the Eurovision semi-final in Moscow on Tuesday. Iceland was the last nation to be chosen to the final on Saturday night. Yohanna's or Jóhanna Guðrún's song, Is it true, can be bought here on Icelandicmusic.com Nánar


Dísa releases stunning debut

Dísa releases stunning debut Cod Music have released the debut album from Icelandic singer-songwriter Dísa. Though just 20 years old, Dísa’s eponymous debut showcases a talent that belies her youth. Featuring eleven songs, two of which – ‘Anniversary’ and ‘Temptation’ - have already been big hits in Iceland, the album features input form Sam Frank, Barði Jóhannsson (Bang Gang) and Shelly Poole. Dísa will also perform two gigs in Denmark in the next two weeks; one at the Svendborg Festival (29th May, 2008), and one at Spot (June 6th) Nánar


Sigur Rós in Abbey Road

Sigur Rós in Abbey Road Sigur Rós are currently in Abbey Road’s studio one recording a track with a boys choir and 67-piece orchestra. in an interview with morgunblaðið newspaper, orri revealed that the album’s sound is considerably different than on their previous albums, and that the lyrics on this album will be “more understandable to the public than on previous albums”. the album is nearly completed and is expected to be released this summer. Nánar


Védís - A Beautiful Life

Védís - A Beautiful Life Védís has released her second solo album entitled 'A Beautiful Life - Recovery Project'. The first two singles from the album, 'A Beautiful Life' and 'Happy To Be Here' are already getting full on airplay in Iceland. Nánar


Iceland Airwaves on Tonlist.is - Win tickets to the concerts

Iceland Airwaves on Tonlist.is - Win tickets to the concerts Tonlist.is has i co-operation with Iceland Airwaves launched a site within Tonlist.is dedicated to the Music Festival. On the site you can find information and special offers on the artists playing at Iceland Airwaves. An Airwaves Radio station will be operational 24/7 playing music from the Airwaves artists. Making this a perfect spot to get introduced to all the artists before attending their concerts. Nánar


Tonlist.com opens

Tonlist.com opens Tonlist.com has opened and gives access to most of icelandic music ever published.

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